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Focus on growing your core business while UPLevel works as an extension of your team to manage contacts and provide an amazing customer experience - one conversation at a time.

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Engaged Intake is a key component of our front desk suite of solutions. A transformative intake conversion process specifically designed for law firms, Engaged Intake drastically reduces the amount of time your team spends on client acquisition, while turning inquiries into happy, long-term client relationships for your firm.

Customized to meet your firm’s needs, Engaged Intake elevates your intake process to the next level. Just like you and your team, we treat every inquiry as a potential acquisition and we’ll ensure that each and every interaction is leveraged to convert your leads into clients – one conversation at a time.

We excel at building relationships both digitally and over the phone, creating a feeling of warmth, confidence, capability and caring. We’ll deliver a detailed summary of every intake call, providing you with the information you’ll need to successfully launch your new client relationship in the first conversation. Clients tell us that our engaged intake service allows them to focus on delivering billable services to their clients while spending less time at their desks taking calls.

As a Canadian company with over 48 years in the contact center industry, our intake specialists are trained, experienced professionals who will protect and promote your valued brand. Compassionate, curious, attentive to detail – they make intake calls their focus, allowing your team to focus on other important business needs.

Through our long term partnerships we have discovered that many firms are challenged with an inconsistent and unsystematic intake process. Research shows that isolating and uplevelling this process can raise conversion rates of warm leads from a meager 32% to more than 80%. That means your marketing investments are actually converting to billable hours in a much more impactful way.

Engaged Intake

  • First contact needs analysis & summary
  • Optional preliminary conflict search – adverse, precursors
  • Traditional or additional ‘prime’ intake hours are available
  • Scheduling appointments with multimedia consultation reminders
  • Multilingual – 21 languages spoken in our 100% on-site Canadian contact centre
  • NPS scoring and followups
  • Local and toll free numbers
  • Triage of high value, high potential leads – warm transferred to your team


  • Never miss another call or opportunity.
  • A focused intake specialist will help you acquire 50% more clients
  • Give your potential client the genuine confidence that their inquiry is important and will be given your firm’s undivided attention.
  • Save money! We have saved client firms up to 67% compared to the cost of handling intake calls internally.
  • Free up your time! Concentrate on what you do best and never miss a beat.

Our team of professionals stands ready to address your unscheduled intake phone calls and turn qualified leads into clients by ensuring that every call is handled professionally and consistently during and after regular business hours. We take great pride in helping you build your loyal client base.

We Take Your Reputation Seriously

We recognize that maintaining a positive reputation by delivering an exceptional client experience is absolutely crucial to your success.  UPLevel’s unique approach to client support ensures relationships are built at every touch-point, creating loyal and long term bonds.

We are fully equipped to provide a centralized, knowledgeable support center to assist with client care and contact solutions on any platform.  Dedicated and customized hours of coverage ensure clients can reach you on their schedule. This is what we’re known for – building relationships and answering questions warmly and efficiently all day long and we have won numerous awards and accolades for doing it.

We look forward to building a long-term partnership with you.

UPLevel Front Desk Provides Freedom and Focus

“We have been doing business with Credit Risk Management/UPLevel for over three years now and we have been extremely satisfied with the quality of their service. We are impressed both by their responsiveness to our needs, and their knowledgeable and engaged team. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with UPLevel and would not hesitate to recommend them as a business partner.”

Legal industry client

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