Business Process Outsourcing

UPLevel serves national and regional business operations delivering a unique combination of services which support every stage of the business process.

UPLevel forms an integral extension of your team. While you grow your core business, trusted and measurable back office support is delivered in any area requiring additional resources including:

  • Contact management for customer & financial care
  • Engaged intake
  • Transformative intake conversion
  • Client acquisition & relationship building
  • Payment processing
  • Credit application processing & adjudication
  • Credit card and account activations
  • Blended environment help desk support
  • Due Diligence
  • Key Employment Pre-Screening

UPLevel is Agile and Responsive

“The team at UPLevel is agile and responsive to all of our back office support needs and is truly a partner that we can rely on.”


Due Diligence Searches

UPLevel provides one gateway to a complete suite of solutions on a common platform for significant decisioning information. The benefits are limitless with one platform for due diligence strategies such as:

  • Gathering, sharing and storing personal/commercial credit information
  • Conducting searches on PPSA, Real Property, Corporate, Bankruptcy
  • Updating banking and supplier references
  • One database for adjudication across multiple locations
  • Paperless auditing abilities and storage

UPLevel customizes the elements of due diligence required based on the balance and type of account with nationwide web access to all government databases including:

  • Credit Reports
  • Land Title Searches
  • Corporate Searches
  • PPSA Search & Registration
  • Bank of Canada
  • Searches
  • Address Verification
  • Insolvency Searches
  • Asset Confirmation

UPLevel has built interfaces across the country accessing thousands of datapoints with access to provincial and national search databases.

Credit investigations and due diligence research are provided through the Credit Bureau and as part of the Equifax network, reducing your risk and compiling data to give you confidence in your decisions.

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UPLevel is Proactive in Meeting Needs

“Using UPLevel with our loans origination software has been very easy and user friendly. The entire staff at UPLevel have been delightful to deal with. They have been very informative, helpful, courteous and are very proactive in getting our needs met.”

– One of our clients in the financial industry

Key Employment Pre-Screening

Your key employees will have access to your sensitive client information, intellectual property and financial resources. Key Employment Pre-Screening includes compiling background information such as:

  • Criminal reference checks
  • Credit file reviews
  • Personal reference validation
  • Resume verifications
  • Pre-employment surveys & online profiling tools

Execute on informed decisions around these pivotal hires with sound research and confirmed data.

Personal Property Security Services

UPLevel was the very first service provider in Canada to offer fully harmonized, national access to registration and searches under the provincial Personal Property Security Acts. UPLevel supports both on line access as well as B2B system interfaces with many host banking and loan origination systems.

UPLevel has been selected to create secure interfaces with FI technology innovators such as CGI, Fi-serv, CRI, Selient, and SIT Portfolio Plus for loan management and banking software.

UPLevel’s Standard for Service Excellence is Outstanding

“UPLevel’s professionalism and helpfulness has been exceptional, with everyone at UPLevel always ready and willing to jump in and assist wherever possible. UPLevel’s standard for service excellence has been outstanding.”

– One of our clients in the financial industry

Contact Centres

UPLevel is focused on creating the best customer experience for Business Process Outsourcing projects ranging from contact management, payment processing, credit card activation, satisfaction surveys, help desk, inbound support responding to marketing campaigns and much more. Our commitment to culture sets us apart from other providers – learn more here….

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